“Une superbe comédienne, toute en énergie et en sensibilité”
— Opéra Online
Avec ses couleurs plus corsées de mezzo,Marie Lenormand,
comédienne d’ailleurs exceptionnelle,impose une Margot pleine d’autorité. »
— ConcertClassic
“Marie Lenormand joue ainsi aussi bien qu’elle chante,
et ne déparerait pas la Comédie Française.”
— Alain Zürcher, chanteur.net
“Marie Lenormand’s Despina dominated the stage with every utterance
and glance of those soulful, saucer-shaped eyes.”
— Marion Lignana Rosenberg, The Classical Review.
“None of this mattered when (Marie) Lenormand was on stage.
She maintained an exact balance between the role’s elements of irony and sentiment.
Even in Périchole’s staggering-drunk number,“Ah! quel dîner,” she was the soul of elegance.

Lenormand is a Despina, a Mignon and Cendrillon Prince, but here the deft offhandedness
of her singing, firmly rooted in the spoken word, made her seem less like an opera singer
than a creature of the boulevards. When she sang the score’s most celebrated number,
“Tu n’es pas beau,” one could almost think that Offenbach had composed it for her and her alone.”
— Opera News